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I have had a collection of Scalextric track and cars for a few years now, but until recently I could only build temporary circuits. I now have my own house so I can build as big a circuit as I want. One old circuit was to be in my brother's bedroom in the family home when my brother was away at university, but it was an ambitious circuit and I didn't manage to clean all the necessary track sections before I moved out and the track was put back into its trunk. I also did not have access to a digital camera at the time.

Some of my cars, trucks and bikes on my test track.
SCX SEAT Ibiza Rally Car

Then over Christmas when I again returned to the family home I built a circuit in the hall. Racing slot cars in one of the busiest rooms in the house does not add to family harmony, but it was a good track while it lasted. It was at this time I got the pair of SCX rally cars which did many miles around the circuit during the festive period before the family dispersed again.

However after many years of temporary accommodation, I have bought my own house, with its own loft. This means I now have the opportunity to build my own permanent circuit. The size of the circuit can in theory be as large as the loft, as this is my space.

My new house
Tempory test track.

This site will chronicle the building of this permanent circuit and the ever growing collection of cars to race on it. This means the site will start small and grow as I have more material to publish and the time to prepare it. If you enjoy the site now, come back later as it will only get better. To make it easier to find the new bits I have an Amendments and Additions page.

The site currently contains details of how I converted the loft from a storage area into a suitable room to build my circuit. It also has details of the different track sections I own already and have started to prepare for inclusion into a circuit. I have also included details of a number of cars I own. I am still finding out how well they perform and I will of course try and improve their performance if possible. I also intend to build some cars of my own. At first they will probably be crude and I will just be pleased they move. In the future I may be able to build really good cars of my own.

Bit of loft requiring cleaning, insulating and boarding.

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